“Fasts and vigils, the study of Scripture, renouncing possessions and everything worldly are not in themselves perfection, as we have said; they are its tools. For perfection is not to be found in them; it is acquired through them.”

St. John Cassian quoting Abba Moses, On the Holy Fathers of Sketis



1. How should we dress when we come to church?

2. How often should we come to church?

3. How do we greet another Orthodox Christian?

4. What should we do when we enter the church?

5. What should we do if we want to have the priest commemorate a loved one during the service?

6. If the service has already begun, when may we enter the church?

7. How do we make the sign of the cross?

8. When should we make the sign of the cross?

9. Why do the Orthodox stand so much?

10. How should we conduct ourselves during a service?

11. How should we prepare for Holy Communion?

12. What should I do when receiving Holy Communion?

13. Is it proper to venerate the icons on the icon screen during a service?

14. What should we do when receiving Holy Bread from a priest after the Divine Liturgy?

15. How should we eat the Blessed Bread?

16. How do we greet an Orthodox priest?

17. How do the Orthodox make a great prostration?